Finding true Rest

Life is full of contradictions and paradoxes.
I see them everywhere. This weekend, the liturgy of the Word allows me to enter into this very basic human reality and come to terms to it. How can I deal with contradictions and paradoxes? and what does Jesus wants me to do with those?
The Word presents the King who comes to rule from “sea to sea” not riding a mighty horse but a mule; His dominion will not oppress but bring peace and freedom. Paul translates this in terms that are more familiar to me: flesh and spirit. Jesus tells us that God chooses to reveal Himself not to the smart ones but to those who are simple.
On one hand, I claim to loathe contradictions and compromises but on the other hand I live with them every day. With Paul, I also know what it means to know what the right thing to do is and yet I find myself unable to do it.
I experience these most especially about people and things that mean the most to me. If left unguarded, I tend to make choices because I long to “rest.” (how important, therefore, to live well this month’s Word of Life!).  If I can chose the easier way out, I tend to do so… so that I can go back and do what I really wants to do.
This “Rest”, that Jesus brings up, is a powerful force in me and in every human being. In order to get it, I am willing to do whatever. I see it all around me! What power this force has: how many people has chosen to find “Rest” in alcohol, sex, drugs, TV, shopping. Anything that can take our minds off life’s problems. Yet, when we wake up the next day, we find ourselves bound to a heavier yoke. No rest but only more and more problems.
Jesus is calling us to come to Him to find rest. He is not telling us that life’s burdens will not be there anymore. He is just promising us to replace the Yoke that we have made ourselves with one that fits us better. But that’s not enough! He is willing to bind HImself to us so that He can help us out and share the load with us.
What love He has for us!
It comes down to a fundamental choice: acknowledge that we are messed up and not together. Offer to Him all that burdens us and clearly declare the need we have to “rest”. He will exchange the yokes; the more we do the will of the Father the more the new yoke will lighten up; the more we realize we don’t carry it all by ourselves.
This week, then, I do not want to do things “for Him” only, but also “with Him.” All that I do, I will start by saying “With You, Jesus.” Whenever I face my “old self” (my “evil twin,” as I call it), I will choose to exchange it with what Christ wants me to have and do at that time.
Living in this way, then, I will make sure that this exchange of yokes will never be undone and that we can continue to live as one with HIm forever and that the Love that is generate by this union with Christ will continue to bring life, true life, into the world.

I don’t want to avoid contradictions and paradoxes anymore; I just want to chose to have Christ involved in them so that He carry the burden with me.

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