In the Waters of New Life

Say 'Yes' to God
The Christmas cycle ends. With the feast of the Baptism of the Lord we are closing the Christmas season.
Reading the story closely, I understand the difficulties that both John the Baptist and the early communities had about Jesus’ baptism. Why would he go to be baptized? Why forgiveness of sin? Wasn’t Jesus the one without sin?
Jesus brings with Him the sin of the nations, of all ages. Jesus is bringing with Him my sins as well. I know that whatever happens to him happens to all of us. With the forgiveness of sin, the Trinity allows me to be born and re-born everyday. What a great gift I have found!!!!!
The baptism of Jesus challenged the early christian communities! My own baptism challenges me. How do I live my own life as a child of God? Do I keep that “dignity” given to me unstained?
As a community, how can we grow in our understanding as members of God’s household?

I know we have to grow; the challenge exists and we have to keep the light burning.

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