Introducing Chiara Luce Badano

On September 25th, the pope will make Chiara “Luce” Badano a blessed. She is one step closer to be a Saint. 

I never met Chiara Luce but after reading her biography I feel very close to her. She met Jesus Crucified and Forsaken first hand when she was told she had cancer. Her answer to this encounter has become my own prayer: “Jesus, if you want it, I want it, too.”

From this encounter, a new life. From her life, a whole new generation of people can learn to say Yes to the will of God and find behind everything the hand of a Father who loves us so much.

Yes! there is still hope in the world and God’s love shines brighter than ever in the life of so many young men and women who have said yes to God.

Get To know Chiara Luce Badano:

You can watch the Celebration on Sept 25 live from here:

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