Letting Jesus Wash our Feet

I look at the story of the washing of the feet and wonder how can I enter into this reality so that I, too, can do this and, therefore, partake of the Kingdom.

He loved them to the end. This is the framework. Whatever Jesus does is out of Love for us. How far does this Love go? He does the unthinkable: at the table He washes the disciples’ feet.

I understand why Peter has a problem with this: those feet not only were covered with dust, but also with the human and animal waste that run in the streets. When they came into the house, they were too smelly and the lowest rank slave would wash people’s feet.

Are we willing to let Jesus do that, take away all the mud and yucky stuff that we collect from the outside? are we willing to let Jesus take away from us the mud that other people put on our feet?
The world out there wants us to believe that the Church, for example, is an old institution that needs to be taken away, filled with corrupted people who do nothing for the world. Once I let Jesus take way the mud, I see the Church as a family, made one by the meal we share at the Table of the Supper of the Lord.

Are we willing to let Jesus transform us into someone New?

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