New Life

The story of the resurrection of Lazarus speaks to me very strongly. I can get a glimpse of God’s heart from this story: He wants us to have and enjoy a new life, a new type of life – the resurrection life. How can I…we… experience this life?

I enter the story by following Martha. “If you had been here.” How many times I told God the same thing: where were you when that tragedy struck? when that child was being hurt?

“I am the resurrection and the life… do you believe this?” I am invited to answer. Do I believe that He is the source of this new life? nobody else and nothing else. Can I rely on Him alone for this Life?

They brought him to the tomb.” If I want to experience new life, I need to bring Jesus to that part of my soul or my body or my mind that is dead or dying. This may be the place where I let nobody get close but it is at the tomb that new life begins. I have to bring my pain and my needs to Him, even if I am embarrassed or do not know how to talk to Him about it.

Take the stone away” It’s not enough to bring Jesus to the tomb, He wants to face the darkness. I need to face the stench of the sinfulness, the reality that death creates.  It stinks in the cave because I allowed to many dead thing to accumulate. It’s impossible to clean up. Now what? I cannot continue to cover things us. The smell will never go away. There is only one way of letting the stench go away forever.

Lazarus, come out!” I cannot exit the cave on my own strength but He can. And He calls me to a new life. Every time He calls us by name we are being re-created again.
But now, I have to answer. Do I have the courage to follow the voice and get out of the dark cave or will I ignore it and remain where I feel “comfortable?” Life is risky but I have to make a choice.

I choose the new life. I am ready!
Are you?

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