“Salty” Relationships

Let God Be Your SaltI can’t help it. I keep thinking about being called “Salt of the earth.” I know I am called to bring the flavor I received and share it to the world, making everything more flavored.

What I received is God’s love; this is what makes everything different. God’s love, then, must be my “salt.”

Today, the Word proclaimed at Mass brought two stories together: creation (from Genesis) and the visit of Jesus to Gennesaret which brought about many healings (from Mark).

Beyond every healing, behind every miracle there is a relationship. Jesus never heals anonymously. Relationships are the most important things we have. They must be appreciated as special and unique.

Each relationship has to be flavored, too. And this is where the challenge is: the amount of salt is different with each relationship.

It’s like being on one of those cooking shows where the contestants get a “mystery ingredient.” Each ingredient cooks and relates to other foods in a particular, unique way. The chef who wins is the one is careful with the “mystery” and brings the best from it. It’s the same with our relationship. We can’t salt in the same way. We must respect its uniqueness and administer the right amount of love.

I pray that God will help me to become sensitive to know how much salt is necessary with each individual person I encounter each day, so that they will have the right amount of God’s love and they won’t leave too “insipid” or “too salty”.

It’s challenging but quite rewarding, I am sure.

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