The Courage to Follow a Star

There is something wonderful about this story – God’s revelation now reaches all the ends of the world. We are all invited to encounter Christ: it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from or… whatever.
God wants us to encounter Jesus and does all that He can – He gives us all a star, guidance and direction in life. God uses what we are into, what we like and are interested and invites us to journey through it. The challenge is to follow the guidance that God provides. How many times we prefer to do what we want and ask God either to make it happen or to clean up after ourselves when things go wrong.
What is the star that God has sent us? sent me?
I am saddened by the other characters in the story. Herod and his scholars knew where the Messiah would be born and yet they stayed home. They asked the Magi to go and then go back and tell them all about. WOW… centuries of waiting and that’s all they did. Sure, I understand: this wasn’t the first time someone claimed to be the messiah, but how many of these wannabes had people from the east undertake such a journey. The Magi were Herod’s star.
He didn’t follow.
Not only we are to follow the star but we are also a star for someone else. Would God entrust us with guiding someone to Christ? Do we understand how much He loves us that He asks us to do what He did in the past?
I want to live this feast totally taken by following the star that God has given me.

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