Treasure and Heart

More about possessions and attachments. Why? Wasn’t the work we did last week enough? Apparently not! And with good reason. Possessions create deep roots in our hearts, and these may shape the form and give direction to our lives.

Of all that I have, what do I consider a treasure? I would like to say that God is my treasure, but I am not there yet. When I say it, I know that I desire that with all my life, but I struggle. Struggling is good, I believe; we struggle for things that we consider important enough to struggle. (This made me think of the lyrics in a song “what’s worth the prize is always worth the fight.”)

God is all that I want. God is all that I seek. And yet, at times I feel as though He escapes me. I cannot box God and place Him into a treasure box.

The continuous struggle towards the Treasure becomes a basic struggle for importance, meaning and relevance in my life. What fills my thoughts? What gives reason to my being?

If God is my Pearl of Great Price, the Treasure hidden in the field, what am I going to do to protect such a gift?

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