Under the Wings

Living under the wings - like a chickenToday the words of Jesus are tough. He speaks openly, with words filled with many feelings: hurt, disappointment and tenderness. Jesus was a real person and today He opens His heart. What do I see? I can peek in and see the vastness of His love for us as He desires to “gather” us with Him, like a hen gathers her chicks. What would happen if we, all Christians in the world, would focus on this tender image and consider ourselves one of those chicks? (Isn’t it interesting that the word “to gather” is ekklesia, the Greek word for “Church?”)
Somewhere I read: “the most powerful force in our lives is experienced when we become aware of being loved and accepted unconditionally” We experience this with God: unconditional love that lasts in spite of life’s difficulties: life, death, anguish, sword. All these things do not work against me but help me to reach the Father’s heart (as I learned yesterday). Nothing, then, can separate us from this love. Nobody, except myself.
There is resistance to Jesus and to the love of the Father; Jesus continues to be upsetting to us because we cannot manipulate Him or “sponsor Him. Just like Herod, I also have a tendency of replacing the Jesus of the Gospel with the Jesus of my mind. I can only follow Him according to His way, not mine.
Mine is the choice to remain under His wings. By saying Yes to His will in every moment, doing whatever He asks of me, I will make sure to remain where I truly belong. What a peaceful thought….
I remember that long time ago I did something in order to live the words “You shall not see me again until you say: ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord‘.” I decided to say (quietly, to myself) this verse everytime I was about to meet someone, whether at a meeting, or an appointment or even in the streets or at the store… “Blessed is He who comes…” Who is the one who comes in the name of the Lord? It’s Jesus… this helped me to love Jesus in the other. This is the  challenge of this weeek, so living this verse will help me to live better His Commandment.
Then, this is what I shall do today: I shall remain under His wings by doing His Will and love Him in the one who comes to me in the name of the Lord.

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